Wikipedia is Still More Reliable than Conservapedia

As a follow-up to my article about Wikipedia and Conservapedia, here’s an article from MSNBC, The Word on Wikipedia: Trust but Verify.

The gist of the article is that there are some flaws in the Wikipedia model. I discussed that in my post, so there is nothing new there.

The article does contain the surprising fact that a lot of college students were using Wikipedia as an original source for their research papers! What has become of higher education? Encyclopedias should only be used for reports by grade-schoolers.

When I was in college, they emphasized that you couldn’t use secondary sources like encyclopedias. You had to go to primary sources, like real books.

Anyway, my original point still stands: Try to assess the reliability of everything you read, whether it’s from the Left, Right, Center, or outer space (that last one would mostly apply to Scientology).

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