Winnie the Pooh

I have several superb Winnie the Pooh illustrations on my hard drive. I used one of them last month. This next one I found just a few days ago, so I either have to use it now or throw it away. It’s already a little stale. So here you go. Nothing but the freshest content for my readers!

Pooh and Piglet

(From Crankynick’s photostream. Click image to embiggen.)

Does good comedy ever go stale? I say never!

This final one is just so perfectly underplayed, like all the best comedy. It’s by Phil Selby of The Rut, who drew the baptism comic in the last post. You will need to click on the image below to enlarge it, or go to the original source here.

Piglet rear-ends Pooh, no. 1

(Click image to embiggen!)

3 Responses to “Winnie the Pooh”

  1. FSM_Ed Says:

    Freaking hilarious, thank you.

  2. Mudflappus Says:

    Now that is some funny stuff right there.
    Thanks for the belly laugh!

  3. Tanja Says:

    That… That’s just so… WRONG! LOL!

    One childhood icon is ruined, but I think the laugh was worth it.