Closer to God

Get closer to God. Get baptized! What could possibly go wrong?

The above comic is the latest from Phil Selby. He’s very funny, but he hardly ever draws anything. You can find the rest of his work at his website, The Rut. You can also buy some of his comics on mugs or shirts at his Cafe Press store.

I have several of his other cartoons that I’m holding in reserve to illustrate future articles, whenever they seem most appropriate.

4 Responses to “Closer to God”

  1. YogaforCynics Says:

    Hilarious…actually made me think of a bizarre comment read elsewhere about how abortions create lots of hard work for the angels in heaven who then have to raise those children…which raises the question for me: if being aborted means being raised by angels and never knowing anything but the bliss of heaven, rather than having to suffer through this mortal coil, wouldn’t that make more sense as an argument IN FAVOR of it?

  2. Jeff Eyges Says:

    YogaforCynics brings up a very important point.

    Most (if not all) fundies believe that a fetus has a soul that goes straight to heaven after it’s been aborted. I don’t even think there are many hard-core Catholics who disagree with this any longer. However, if that fetus had been carried to term and allowed to grow up,the world being what it is, there’s an excellent chance that that individual would die “unsaved” and theoretically go to hell. Yet this seems never to occur to them.

    If you go onto a BBS with members who are “liberal” evangelicals – Jay Bakker’s “Revolution Church” website is an example – and get into a thread about abortion, once in a while, someone who used to be a fundie but is now leaning leftward theologically will bring this up, or will have it brought up to them, and will exclaim, “I never thought about this before”, or “It never occurred to me”.

    This absolutely floors me. Matters of eternal destiny are all that motivate them, yet this aspect of it never enters their thinking. After a lifetime of observing it, I’m still astounded (I suppose I shouldn’t be) by the cognitive dissonance, compartmentalization and outright denial.

    Their bumper stickers always feature a baby with a cherubic smile, with a caption that reads something along the lines of, “Never to live, never to love”. (I’d like to design one that says, “My parents chose to abort and now I’m safe in the arms of Baby Jesus”. How long do you think my car would remain unvandalized?) It’s all about melodrama and sentimentality for them; there’s no higher thought. They’re operating at the cognitive level of children – and rather slow children at that.

    I remember once hearing Jimmy Swaggart bellow, “I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘I wish I’d been aborted while in my mother’s womb’.” Yeah? There were no severely depressed people calling his ministry hotline? Yes, know his goal was to elicit donations, but my point is – they never really think about the things they say. They simply emote.

    I’ll say it again (because I haven’t said it in the last five minutes) – don’t let them vote, don’t let them hold public office, and for God’s sake, don’t let them anywhere near children.

  3. mu Says:

    Compartmentalized thinking is rife among authoritarians. Consider how many people in the god squad are passionately anti-abortion and passionately pro-war and pro-execution at the same time. They’re not thinking, they’re just obeying and acting like robots.

    A bit of time spent with Prof. Bob Altemeyer’s “The Authoritarians” might be a good idea:

  4. Ron Britton Says:

    I highly recommend The Authoritarians. I started to read it, and I’m even planning an extended review of it. I kind of bogged down, though, because I don’t like reading long things on the computer. Maybe I’ll have more success when my Kindle DX arrives (assuming the KDX doesn’t suck as much as some people say it does).

    Anyway, read it on your computer (for free), or buy the new audio version (on CDs from Cherry Hill or Audible (but those retards won’t let me make a generic link direct to the book!)), or go old school and buy the book.

    You know it’s a good book, because some neocon left this review at Audible:

    Listened to over an hour and couldnt stand it anymore. Author is a boring propogandist left wing drone and doesnt deserve any professional title next to his name. Don’t waste your money!!