Fundies Discover that only Innocent People are Mentally Ill reported just a couple of days ago on a Dutch Study published in the 9/20/05 issue (apparently it takes these mouth-breathers four months to read an article) of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. They report “at least 50% of patients killed under the Dutch euthanasia program were suffering from depression. In addition, 44% of those suffering from cancer showed clinical signs of depression when they asked for euthanasia.”

News flash! Terminally-ill patients are frequently depressed! Who’d’ve thunk it?

The concern raised by the fundies is actually a good one: Is the depression coloring the patients’ decisions? Are they requesting euthanasia because they’re in pain from their physical illness? Or do they want to do the Kevorkian Kick-Off because they’re depressed?

Let’s take the fundies’ question to the next logical step: Does it matter?

No, of course not. These are people who are just months away from a new home in a shiny jar on their children’s mantle. The last few months of their lives are non-stop pain, nausea, and suffering (an experience not unlike watching The 700 Club). I’m surprised the percentage of depressed “euthanauts” isn’t higher than 50%.

But let’s look again at the fundies’ objection. They also seem to be saying that somehow it’s immoral to euthanize a person who is mentally disabled. Gee, that’s funny. Whenever there’s a mentally ill axe-murderer on Death Row and somebody suggests commuting the sentence because of the illness, the fundies scream louder than the killer’s victims did.

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