Kansas Public Schools No Longer National Embarrassment. Fundies Vow to Fix That.

(I wrote these next two articles a week ago. I’’ve been so busy that this is my first chance to post them.)

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Baptist Press has their nuts in a knot about changes to the science standards in Kansas public schools. Check out their article Kan. board of education scraps standards questioning evolution:

The Kansas State Board of Education voted 6-4 Feb. 13 to rewrite the science standards for public schools for the fifth time in eight years, this time refusing to allow room for questioning the theory of evolution.

The actual standard probably isn’t written that way. It probably says you can only teach science in science class.

The new standards, which are used to develop tests that measure how well students are learning science, specifically will limit students to searching for natural explanations of what is observed in the universe.

What a radical idea! Why has science never been about seeking natural explanations for observable data? Just imagine what we could accomplish if we took that approach!

The board removed language that suggested that key evolutionary concepts are controversial and are being challenged by new research.

Maybe that’s because they aren’t controversial and aren’t being challenged by new research.

“There’s this, I think, political agenda to just ensure that evolution is the driving, underlying notion that has to be accepted in Kansas science standards in order for Kansas to keep its head up in the world, which is just bizarre,” board member Ken Willard, a Republican who voted against the most recent rewrite, told the Associated Press.

What’s bizarre is that there can be people in 21st century America who are capable of making such a statement.

John West, vice president for public policy with the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, said that by voting to repeal language questioning evolution, the Kansas school board and its supporters showed closed-mindedness.

The fundie-run “Discovery Institute” is misnamed. It should be the “Discovery-Suppression Institute”, since all they want to do is bury science.

“Don’t expect the ‘mainstream’ media to notice the biting irony here: The people they like to portray as the champions of free inquiry and scientific literacy are the very ones trying to dumb-down science curricula in order to suppress information they find uncomfortable,” West wrote on the Evolution News & Views blog after the vote.

TILT! TILT! TILT! That’s the irony meter overloading. Bzzaap! Pft!! And it just shorted out! Fundies are massively irony-impaired, but they just reached a new low. Actually using the word “irony” themselves to describe this is mind-blowingly stuperific.

It’s the fundies who are trying to dumb down science curricula in order to suppress information they find uncomfortable.

“Fortunately, Americans still have the freedom to investigate the truth for themselves, which is why the Darwinists’ current strategy will be such a loser over the long term,” West added. “Trying to stamp out the discussion of ideas you don’t like is a sign of insecurity, and thoughtful people will eventually see through such tactics.”

Slack of jaw, mouth agape! I’m gobsmacked! It’s a good thing I didn’t repair the irony meter; it would have just blown again!

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  1. The Watcher Says:

    Great post, Bay! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Why is it okay to be open-minded when teaching about evolution, but when it comes to homosexuality and sex ed, it’s my way or the highway?