Creationist Lies to Get Ph.D.

Phil Plait is doing my job for me. He has a couple of good posts about a young-Earth creationist, named Marcus Ross, who has been granted a Ph.D. in Geosciences from Rhode Island University. In order to get the Ph.D., Ross had to lie about his belief in the age of the Earth.

Phil’s first post is titled Should Creationists be able to get PhDs in Geoscience? He answers his own question succinctly:


Phil elaborates:

The basic point is: if you think the Earth is 6000 years old, yet do a PhD project where you state repeatedly that mososaurs died out 65 million years ago, then you are a liar. Period.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to read. He received a lot of flack from people thinking that he was somehow saying that Christians shouldn’t be awarded Ph.D.s. This forced him to clarify his already clear statements, by writing a second post:

In my opinion — and I suspect a lot of scientists would agree — someone who claims to be a YEC simply does not understand anything about science. If you think gravity is caused by pink underground unicorns drawing in golden marshmallows from the ether, then it is very clear that you are not cut out to be a scientist.

In the end, in the very end, getting a PhD is all about understanding the science. It strikes me that if someone doesn’t understand the science, they shouldn’t get the degree.

Phil points to a blog by Laurence Moran, which has more details. Go check them all out.

One Response to “Creationist Lies to Get Ph.D.”

  1. valifitz Says:

    There is some logic here. The more fundies that can get PhDs, the more ‘scientists’ that can be added to the ‘growing list’ of scientists that doubt evolution. How else to grow that list? Real scientists won’t join the list so, fake ones must be… uh… created.