We Demand Respect! (We Just Don’t Give It)

Buddha gives advice

In that recent Carnival of the Godless article, I mentioned how some Christians were upset that another blogger called Kirk Cameron a loon. Somehow they think that their ideas, even the craziest, are somehow immune from criticism. They frequently throw around words like “respect”.


You guys want respect?

Then why don’t you start giving it?

The above image (minus my “improvements”) is from a 1954 Christian activity book, found by Starlen (more at his Flickr stream). I love this respectful quote:

His god cannot help him.

This man must know about Jesus.

Where is the respect for other people’s beliefs? They disrespectfully assume that non-Christians have false and inferior beliefs. They also disrespect these people by trying to change them.

You cannot receive respect until you give it.


BTW, if anybody has any other funny captions for the above image, just put them in the comments.

14 Responses to “We Demand Respect! (We Just Don’t Give It)”

  1. rayceeya Says:

    Worshiper: “Oh great Buddah I live in a land of ignorant fools who worship strange gods with many hands and the heads of animals, what ever shall I do”

    Buddha: “Do what I did. Deny the existence of all gods and point to ignorance as the cause of all human suffering”

    Now picture this…

    Scene: Atheist worshiping bust of Charles Darwin

    Worshiper: “Oh great Darwin I live in a land of ignorant fools who worship strange gods…”

    Darwin: “Do what I did and figure out how the world really works and point to ignorance as the cause of all human suffering”

    Do we see why atheism is NOT a religion yet?

  2. rayceeya Says:


    Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion

  3. YogaforCynics Says:

    I’ve always found it strange the way that people who condemn me and my loved ones to eternal torture for not sharing their beliefs seemed so shocked and aghast when I don’t “respect” those beliefs….

  4. Skeptico Says:


    The search resumes for Buddha’s lost contact lens.

  5. Alex Says:

    The only problem, and it’s a problem with the book, , is that no one worships Buddha in that fashion… especially not in India, where Buddhism is a minority faith. I suppose you could say that the man is Burmese or Thai, maybe… but I’d doubt it. The ignorance of these people is staggering.

  6. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Well, it was 1954, and it’s from a kid’s book. Although, the few times I’ve picked up an evangelical “textbook” on comparative religion – well, you can imagine.

    Actually, the Buddha didn’t deny the existence of gods; he taught that, like us, they’re enmeshed in cyclical existence. They’re wiser, more powerful and longer-lived than we are, but none of them is omniscient, omnipotent or immortal, and no one of them is the “creator”.

  7. dvsrat Says:

    DAMMITT!! SKEPTICO!! After I looked at the cartoon and chose my lines I looked at the comments and you stole my ‘contact lens’ idea before I could post it.

    But I did see it a little differently. It was the “worshiper” who dropped the lens.

    BUDDHA: Why you worship me like this?

    MAN: Worship??!! Fuck you too!!! I’m trying to find my fucking contact lens!!!

  8. Brian Says:

    Prone Man: “Well, there’s your problem! Your septic system can’t handle a toilet this damn big. Lemme go back to my truck. I think I got some Rid-X in there.”

    Buddha: “May you benefit from enlightenment.”

    Prone Man: “Naw. I already got a flashlight.”

  9. freddies_dead Says:

    Prone man (on waking): oh .. shit .. I don’t feel so good .. what was I drinking last night?

    what … the .. fuck?

    oh well, at least it’s not another damn traffic cone…

  10. Thomas Says:

    Personally, I’d pick Buddha over Jesus any day.

    Actually, I’d pick just about any other prophet or idol over Jesus.

    I mean, he got himself nailed to a tree. That’s no way for an efficient savior to behave.

  11. Alex Says:

    Buddha died from overeating, apparently. Too much pork. I’d much rather go with the guy who lived a little then the guy everyone hated. On the other hand, Buddha did also abandon his wife, kingdom and son to go off and become a fat preacher who sits under a tree all day.

    A fact the Buddhists themselves cheerfully admit, to their credit, unlike mainstream Christians, who prefer to believe that Jesus was a failed carpenter who lived with his parents for 30 years and never got laid.

  12. Dawn Says:

    Buddha supposedly died from eating BAD food, possibly poisoned, not too much food. And supposedly this was what was given to him as to other monks who live on the road–in a begging bowl, it’s not as if he was feasting. Furthermore, the “fat” Buddha is not the Buddha depicted in this illustration. The Buddha depicted in this illustration is Siddhartha Gautama. The “fat” Buddha is in reference to Ho Tai. They were completely different entities, one having nothing to do with the other.

  13. OtherRob Says:

    Buddha: “Have you deciphered the message?”

    Man: “It says, ‘Made in China'”

  14. Parrotlover77 Says:

    To add to Dawn’s post… The Buddha was supposedly (but may be embellished as myth of course) a very attractive man in addition to being pretty skinny (and waif thin at one point before enlightenment because he starved himself to near death). Also, it was my understanding that poisoned, bad, or whatever, the death after eating was destiny so it was not a malicious intention to kill him with bad food. There’s a pretty significant difference there. Assuming he was poisoned makes him a martyr or sorts (like Jesus). Whereas, the myth as I understand it was just that “it was his time” more or less, and the vector or death was unimportant. But I could be wrong. 🙂