Cowardly TVC Attacks John Edwards Indirectly

The fundies seem to be so afraid of Democrats that they will attack them in any way possible. The Traditional Values Coalition (an apt name, since they’re defending the traditional Christian values of intolerance and hate) doesn’t have a stake to burn the “witches” at, so they use inflammatory language to do so metaphorically.

The TVC has published a quick little blurb, Former Senator Edwards Supports Anti-Christian Blogobigotry:

Two rabidly anti-Christian bloggers for former Senator John Edwards have recently resigned after their vile posts were exposed by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights headed by Bill Donohue.

Calling someone “rabidly anti-Christian” is rather extreme. These two staffers must be horrible people!

Notice that they’ve got no dirt on Edwards, so they attack him by going after two mid-level staffers. Seems kind of weak to me.

Amanda Marcotte had been hired by Edwards as his Edwards for President blogmaster and Melissa McEwan was hired as the Netroots Coordinator.

Marcotte operates a blog called Pandagon; McEwan operates Shakespeare’s Sister.

I’ve read Pandagon a few times. It’s just a liberal blog. It’s not some seething, hate-filled extremist website (unlike many fundie sites I’ve seen). I’m not familiar with Shakespeare’s Sister.

Even after being shown the vile, anti-Christian posts from both of these radicals, Edwards permitted them to remain on staff. He publicly distanced himself from their comments, but did not fire them.

Does George Bush distance himself from the extreme hate espoused by people like Ralph Reed? When he does, get back to me, TVC. Until then, you have no case.

Furthermore, a “radical” is somebody who advocates or participates in violence to further a political objective. Unless you can show that these two women have done so, you are bordering on libel. (Yes, I use the term “radical right”, but that encompasses the entire fundie population, some of whom are radicals. Overly broad, yes. Libelous, no. “Keeping the extreme right, some of whom are radicals, at bay” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.)

The Catholic League has posted many of their obscene rantings on its web site to show Christians the extent of their anti-Christian hatred and bigotry. Caution: These comments are extremely offensive.

Where in the Constitution does it say you are protected from being offended? Furthermore, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is just as “radical” as these two women.

“Apparently John Edwards thought these two hateful bloggers should remain on his staff – even though he admitted their comments were distasteful,” said TVC’s Executive Director Andrea Lafferty. “By allowing them to remain on his staff, Edwards was sending a strong message to his supporters that anti-Christian blogobigotry is just fine. He has lost any credibility he could possibly have with mainstream voters.

Fundies are always telling us that various candidates they don’t like have “lost credibility”. Watch for that next time. You’ll see that phrase a lot. It’s a good thing we have people who believe in talking snakes telling us what is credible.

The TVC article links to the “exposé” page at the Catholic League, where they’ve collected some of this “radical” writing. I’ve read the page. It’s certainly vulgar. It’s definitely opinionated. You might be able to call it anti-Christian, but it’s really just opposed to the extreme and ridiculous beliefs of Christians. It’s definitely not “radical”.

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