One Third of Fundies Believe in Global Warming

If you voted for Gore, your carbon doesn't count

That number is way higher than I expected. Isn’t it sad that when only one third of fundies believe in something consistent with the vast majority of the data that I consider that to be progress? They’ve trained me to have very low expectations of them.

This particular statistic comes to us from one of the few OneNeuronNow articles not written by Charlie Butts. Titled “Survey: Pastors Divided on Man-Made Global Warming”, it says:

A new survey reveals how pastors feel about alleged “man-made global warming.”

Wow! They used scare quotes and the word “alleged”! They’re the belt-and-suspenders types. I bet they also write things like:

so-called “gay” “marriage”


“American” Barack Hussein Obama

but still manage to write:

The Bible tells us it is the inerrant word of God

without the slightest sense of irony.

Let’s see what the rest of this “fine” example of fundie “journalism” has to say:

The survey, conducted by LifeWay Research, surveyed more than 1,000 randomly selected Protestant pastors who were asked to indicate their level of agreement with the following statement: “I believe global warming is real and man-made.”

LifeWay Research is some sort of fundie crazy-group. I’m kind of surprised that that’s actually a fairly worded statement. Fundie surveys often ask leading questions to get the results they want.

Forty-seven percent agreed strongly or somewhat, while 47 percent disagreed either strongly or somewhat.

That seems really high in the global warming denialism camp, until you look at the data closer:

The results were grouped according to a pastor’s denominational affiliation. Seventy-five percent of pastors in mainline denominations agreed that global warming is real and man-made; however, only 32 percent of pastors in evangelical denominations agreed.

I’m really surprised that they even bothered to ask mainline Protestants what they thought. After all, every fundie knows that mainline Protestants aren’t True Christians™. The real sadness in this data is that 25% of mainline Protestant pastors don’t think global warming is the result of human activity. The 32% of fundie pastors that think it is our fault surprises me. I would have expected a much lower number. Maybe a tiny bit of the real world manages to squeeze into their Jesus-addled brains after all.

Scott McConnell is a spokesperson with LifeWay Research. “Pastors are split right down the middle, which actually mirrors the American population.

See how they’re spinning this? By playing with the data, you can make it say whatever you want. If they can convince their readers that roughly half of Americans don’t believe in global warming, that gives credence to the denialism camp. It’s a case of appeal to the majority, of course. What matters is what the people who have studied the issue think about its validity, not what the uneducated masses think.

The real way to present the data is to say that 32% of reality-blind pastors believe global warming is man made, whereas 75% of the reality-impaired do so.

(This brings up a great idea: The brain-God level. It’s already illegal to operate a motor vehicle if your blood alcohol level is above 0.08% (or lower, depending on your jurisdiction). Likewise, if your brain-God level is above 8%, you shouldn’t be allowed to operate your mouth.)

The survey also found that in mainline denominations, 61 percent of pastors speak about the environment several times a year or more, while only 23 percent of evangelical pastors said they address it that often.

That’s because if Jesus is coming back next month to wipe out everybody named Hussein, you don’t need to worry about silly things like the habitability of the Earth.

8 Responses to “One Third of Fundies Believe in Global Warming”

  1. YogaforCynics Says:

    My question is: how many of those who believe global warming is happening don’t care, since the Real Christians will be raptured before their vacation homes get flooded?

  2. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Ron, I’m a little surprised it’s as much as 32%.

    Likewise, if your brain-God level is above 8%, you shouldn’t be allowed to operate your mouth.

    I’d be in favor of restricting their right to vote. Look where it’s gotten us.

  3. Lab Kat Says:

    Remember, science is of the devil. As are women, but that’s another sermon altogether.

  4. Lilith Says:

    It’s the sheer arrogance and selfishness that annoys me the most. The whole attitude of ‘I’ll be raptured so I don’t give a stuff about the rest of humanity’ makes me just want to slap them.

    Slightly less annoying are the idiots who genuinely believe God would never allow His creation to be destroyed, so will pull of a miracle if humans bugger it up, too badly.

    Either way, they are living in a fantasy world that is harming the rest of us and need to be beaten long and hard with a clue-stick.

  5. dvsrat Says:

    So Butts expects to make a point by asking PASTORS about a scientific endeavor?

    This is what we call a fucking lie.

    The thing that is so frustrating about individuals like … What’s his name? — Asses? Something like that — is that they will never take any accountability for what they have said. They deny they ever said any of the stupid things that they have actually said — AND DOCUMENTED — then they go on to say more stupid shit and pretend that they never said that either. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live as such a lying sack of shit such as Charlie Butts.

  6. dvsrat Says:

    “I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed
    to be untrue.”

    Richard Nixon

  7. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I’m actually a bit uplifted by the fact that so many fundies believe global warming is real and that some even ‘strongly agreed.’ That’s a hell of a good thing. Fundies generally live in the world of Jack Chick. To see that some have somehow balanced that crazy plane of existence with reality in at least this way is a good thing! Maybe there’s hope for them yet…

  8. Jeff Eyges Says:

    They probably think global warming is God’s way of preparing us for hell…