NFL Won’t Play Ball, So Fundies Try Different Play

I previously reported on Fall Creek Baptist Church being denied the privilege of using the Super Bowl broadcast to recruit new sheeple. They wanted a special exemption to the copyright laws that would allow them to misappropriate the NFL’s intellectual property. Since they couldn’t embarrass the NFL into changing its policy, they’re trying a different approach.

Here’s the latest from Baptist Press. Most of the article whines about how they couldn’t show the game. Boo hoo. Let’s jump to the end:

“From everyone I’ve talked to, [the NFL] can say exactly what they’ve said to us,” Newland told Baptist Press Feb. 1. “Really and truly, if we’re going to be law-abiding citizens — and the Scripture teaches us that we need to obey the laws of the land — then we have no choice but to comply. If this was a matter of civil disobedience, where they were challenging us to not obey God, then that’s a whole different matter. But this doesn’t even come close to that.”

So far, so good. That actually sounds reasonable. But check out the very next paragraph:

“[W]e are going to try to get our legislators to get the law changed.”

That’s right! They want a special exemption! They want the law to apply to everyone else, but they get a special law just for them.

Spoiled rotten children. They have the reasoning power of a six-year-old.

One Response to “NFL Won’t Play Ball, So Fundies Try Different Play”

  1. Kenny C Says:

    That’s not very fair. My three year old has more reasoning power than that. I’d be embarrassed if he regresses that far by age six.