Carnival of the Godless Liberals

Caution. Godless Liberal.

I just can’t keep up with my civic responsibilities these days. Carnival of the Godless came out last Saturday. Go there and read some good articles. Then Carnival of the Liberals came out yesterday. You should check that out, too.

Since I like to read these carnivals anyway, I have always been in the habit of pointing out an article or two that I like. This started when I discovered that there was usually at least one article that related in some way to what we’ve discussed here. I like to send people over to read it to get a different perspective or because the other article does such a good job of summarizing my own opinions.

Since I won’t get to read either carnival until this weekend, I thought it best to point you to them now. You can let me know if there is an especially good article that relates to something we’ve discussed.

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