Only Fundies Can View 82% as a Glass 18% Empty

Here’s more wisdom from Tony Perkins of the Fundie Research Council: an article titled Spiritual State of the Union. He references an article in the Washington Times (a Moonie newspaper, BTW). Here’s a paragraph from the Times article:

Believers are many: 82 percent of the respondents believe in God, while 13 percent believe in a “universal spirit or higher power.”

So 82% specifically believe in God, but if you include all superstitious folk, the number rises to 95%. I find that sad and depressing.

Most people might be pretty happy if 82% of the population agrees with them, but fundies are not most people. Good old Tony Perkins can only see the 18%. Here’s what he has to say in his commentary:

While it seems like good news that 82% of Americans “believe in God,” that doesn’t always translate into support for public policies consistent with His law on issues such as abortion, morality, homosexuality, and marriage.

It’s not supposed to translate! Public law cannot be based on Biblical law. This is the problem we’re facing. These fundies don’t understand one of the core principles of our country’s founding.

Maybe we should adopt Biblical law for one year. By the end of the year, all of the fundies will have been stoned to death for violating the laws of Leviticus. (My guess is that most of those will be from adultery) (See the Letter to Dr. Laura for a refresher.)

But the Church must continue to stand for Biblical Truth—on that America was founded and only on that will she be sustained.

Once again, he’s repeating the lie about America being founded on the Bible. He also asserts that the only way for America to survive is to adhere to his narrow interpretation of Biblical doctrine. That’s another lie.

Notice he says “the Church”? That means his church. Your church, if you have one, isn’t included. And if you don’t have a church, you’re not included.

3 Responses to “Only Fundies Can View 82% as a Glass 18% Empty”

  1. Bart Says:


    Just read some of the articles on your site, and even as a progressive non-believing and certainly less-caring Dutchman, I still think its pretty funny.

    I completely agree on just about anything you state regarding the oblivious religious, but coming from an American (a real one, it seems) just makes me laugh out loud even louder!

    I spent a year in an Missourian high-school during the nineties, during the Clinton-era actually, and with me there was one other person in school who was an atheist. She told me herself, hushed, in private, and also asked me to keep this ‘our little secret’. In a school with just 650 attendants, this was not much of a problem. Now I don’t even recall her name; just the incident taking place.

    There and then I found out how ridiculous the whole religion thing really was. Sure I knew about fundies in the Netherlands, but some 90% of my friends, relatives and acquaintances never took any interest in any church, God or organized religion whatsoever.

    My fellow Richmond High School classmates did, however. One girl managed to start a speech with the following words: “America is one of the greatest an oldest countries in the world, …”. When I waved my hand to the Speech teacher (who voluntarily compared himself to a wombat, time and time again until he looked like one, but that’s beside the point) he took me apart and (hushed again) told me not to cause a stir. Couldn’t have that, now, could we? We couldn’t.

    (Nobody tried to stop me, however, when I took on the biggest linebacker in school (only one of the six or seven black people in school) Olon to stop him from hitting a white girl. They would have loved that one…)

    And now, via DU, I’ve come across this site. It pleases me to see there are people who try and ridicule the fundies where-ever they go. I’d rather see them tortured and abused by atheists who turn on them after centuries of mistreatment for not believing the elitist-lie. I’ve got some very interesting (and disturbing, I admit) ideas of how to re-enact the Spanish Inquisition for the purpose of bringing war-mongering born-again Christians to heel by all means possible.

    Still, a lot of work needs to be done in order to bring back sense to the world and stop the followers from blindly following some basic instinct they’re not allowed to question. Why then, for the love of absence of god, follow in the first place??!!

    I have some friends who believe in god, they admit to me, but will never go to church. Seems like sound advice to me! Other friends I have collect comic-books but never go to meetings. And if they did, they still would not differ from those who collect hard-to-read fairy-tales about the very people the USA is trying very hard to destroy. They just come over across more weird.

    Have to go now, do shopping. I’ll try and keep in touch. Good luck with keeping the fundies at bay!!!!!

    Bart Jump in the Field

  2. Ron Britton Says:

    Thanks for the great reply. I keep this blog focussed on the U.S., because what the fundies do here directly affects me (this blog is how I blow off the frustrations that would otherwise erupt as ulcers). Also, there is so much material here, I don’t need to stray outside our borders. That’s why it always surprises me that I have so many foreign readers.

    The fundie population here is somewhere in the ballpark of 25%. They use manipulative language and appeals to the superstitions and fears of the other 57% of the religious. The result is a backward society regressing to the “comforts” of the Dark Ages.

    I am grateful that I have those foreign readers. I glad that you can see that not all of us are backward neolithic xenophobic morons hiding in our caves, quivering at the sound of the thunder and coyotes howling outside, and inventing comforting fictions to explain it all.

  3. Bart Says:

    Hi Ron,

    I am grateful that I have those foreign readers. I glad that you can see that not all of us are backward neolithic xenophobic morons hiding in our caves, quivering at the sound of the thunder and coyotes howling outside, and inventing comforting fictions to explain it all.

    I forgot to mention this last time: If it weren’t for the reversed witch-hunt (just before the sailing of the Mayflower) that cleaned Europe and Great Britain from the idiots who find their solace in torturing poor suckers who fear god but fear pain even more, you would never have this problem with Cheney, HW Bush and their RW-gang.

    In other words – I’m sorry we chased them out of our continent so they could screw up your part of the world. (Not as if you were already there and they came over as an afterthought, but the ‘normal people would have shown up anyhow, in a couple of Plague-cycles.)

    We should have put millstones around each and every neck of those hideous Founding Fathers and have made them swim to Ireland.

    Founding Fathers – I can only begin but wonder where (and how fast) they went wrong. “Look over there! There walks a guy with a bow and arrow! He looks like he doesn’t believe in the same lie we tried out in Europe and got chased out for, lets try it on these suckers. And we know the rest…

    Morale? No, absolutely no morale. Just a heap of Macaca avant-la-lettre.

    I’m getting myself wound up again…

    Tell me Ron, what is it with these people? They conjure up Ten commandments (sort of binding resolution with their god) and then go and try to break them all over an inconceivable amount of time. It’s like trying to make a tree grow by depriving it of water and sunlight. That’s where you get a sorry, rotten, dried out and damp and dark excuse for a tree.

    It’s like trying to stop smoking – every day. You know. Light one in the morning, smoke all day, say your prayers at night and confess to god that you stopped smoking with his help. And start again the next day, waiting for gods love to finally grant you some strength for seriously giving up.

    Of course, the whole religion-thing is just a big cover-up for the greater crimes. That’s where it becomes scary instead of just pathetic.