If He Truly Believed in “Decency”, He’d Keep His Vulgar Ideas to Himself

So here I sit, trying to defend a TV show that I don’t even watch. As I reported previously, I watched the premiere episode of The Book of Daniel, and I decided that it wasn’t good enough to bother watching a second time. It’s not a bad show, mind you. It’s just that I’d rather spend my time renting porn than watching mediocre network TV.

So what dropped into my inbox recently? Another apoplectic fundie rant about this show. This one was from a Mr. Bill Johnson of the American Decency Association, one of too-many self-appointed guardians of our moral fabric (If only my moral fabric were Kevlar. Then maybe these people wouldn’t annoy me.). Maybe it’s good that they’re attacking this show. It keeps their attention diverted from the good stuff.

The pinhead who wrote this particular tirade wants us all to boycott Burlington Coat Factory, because they advertised on the show. He wrote “…this program is noted for perversity and blasphemy…” Really? By whom? The only people I’ve heard make this claim are the fundies themselves, and they’re hardly qualified to make such a determination. After all, it is fundies who think that SpongeBob and Tinky Winky are gay.

Here’s part of the email Bill’s “Johnson” wants you to write:

I was sorry to hear that your company advertised on “The Book of Daniel”, an NBC TV series showcasing the work of a homosexual writer and his twisted story line of perverse behavior, dysfunctional families, and blasphemy from a heretical Jesus figure.

I can’t figure out what’s blasphemous or heretical about the show’s Jesus. As for the “perverse behavior” and “dysfunctional families”, I think the fundies don’t like mirrors.

The only thing that’s left for them to object to is “the work of a homosexual writer”. So now what? Gay’s aren’t allowed to hold jobs? All of their work is tainted? Let’s fire all the gays, so they can live on welfare. Oh, wait! Then the government would be subsidizing homosexuals!

One Response to “If He Truly Believed in “Decency”, He’d Keep His Vulgar Ideas to Himself”

  1. ericsan Says:

    They won. The show was canned. NBC claimed it was because of poor ratings, yet since they’ll be airing reruns of Law & Order instead of the few remaining episodes that are already in the can, it’s more likely that they actually backed away from the controversy. Shame.