God’s Superbowl Dilemma

Art Stricklin of Baptist Press wrote a pearl of wisdom entitled “Super Bowl coaches Dungy, Smith known for Christian testimony” (I wonder if Stricklin has enough wisdom to make a pearl necklace.).

Head coaches Tony Dungy of Indianapolis and close friend and fellow Christian Lovie Smith of Chicago gave credit to God following their respective teams’ victories in the conference championships Jan. 21.

Dungy and Lovie

So God wanted both teams to win. Why? With all of the people around the world dying of disease, famine, and war, God is going to take time out of his busy schedule (of causing all of those things) to pick the winner of a football game? Those coaches must be extremely egotistical to think that God cares about their little game.

“The Lord set this up in a way that no one would believe it,” Dungy said following the Colts’ win over New England. “The Lord tested us a lot this year, but He [sic] set this up to get all the glory.”

So is he saying (excuse me, is He saying) that God wanted his team to win so that God could take the credit for the hard work of all the team members? God sure is a selfish prick (excuse me, God sure is a selfish Prick).

Now, of course, God has painted himself into a corner. How can both of his chosen teams win the Superbowl? Looks like he didn’t think that far ahead! Or maybe he’s just toying with one of the teams; trying to get their hopes up, only to smash their dreams on the rocks. What a sadist! Or maybe it’s just massively self-centered to think that God cares about a silly football game. (God only wants to watch the commercials.)

5 Responses to “God’s Superbowl Dilemma”

  1. Mark B. Says:

    God is going to use this Superbowl to prove his, er, His existence beyond a shadow of a doubt – BOTH teams are going to be the decisive winner. So if making a seemingly impossible task as making two teams in the same contest win, it stands to reason that God not only exists but can be 3,… 3,… 3 teams in one!

  2. The Watcher Says:

    Apparently God likes both teams, but come Super Bowl Sunday, He’s going to like one team a little more.

    Will we be thanking God then?

    Oh, and how come last year He sent the Seahawks and the Steelers? Is He not a fan of the Seahawks anymore?

  3. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Natalie Schafer. Heh!

    Did you see Dawn Wells’ memoir movie about the show a few years ago? Barbara Eden played Natalie.

  4. Ron Britton Says:


    I saw this one. IMDb doesn’t list one with Barbara Eden.

  5. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Oh! I guess it was E. J. Peaker. I haven’t heard her name since the seventies! Used to be on TV.