The Book of Denial

No, that’s not a misprint. I’m still trying to figure out why the fundies have their nuts in a knot over this TV show. Denial is one possible explanation.

The Book of Daniel is a new show on NBC. Several weeks before the first episode aired, the fundies got all hot and bothered about it. I guess protesting “offensive” TV shows is the most aroused fundies are allowed to get outside of the act of procreation (and they’re not allowed to enjoy the latter).

Of course, none of them had actually seen the show yet, when they decided they didn’t like it. That’s their modus operandi. Why bother to get to know and understand something (or someone) first? That runs the risk of discovering that there is nothing wrong with it, or (worse yet) actually liking it. Then where would they be? There would be a little less room in their heart for hate. Most of these people work overtime trying to figure out how to hate more, not less.

I watched the two-hour season premiere. It’s an OK show. It’s not insipid like Medium, but it’s no Lost, either. I don’t plan on watching it again.

So what’s in this show that’s so offensive to the moral mini-minds? Well, as is typical of series television, they loaded up the characters with a litany of issues:

  • The lead character, Daniel Webster, is a minister at a very liberal Protestant church.
  • He is addicted to Vicodin.
  • One son is gay.
  • His adopted Chinese son is boning a 16-year-old neighbor.
  • His daughter deals marijuana and was arrested for possession.
  • His maid smokes dope.
  • His sister-in-law is a lesbian.
  • His brother-in-law embezzled $3.2 million of the church’s money and ran off with his secretary.
  • To get the money back, he called upon a Catholic priest with mob connections.
  • Oh, yeah. And he talks to Jesus. And Jesus talks back. The J-Man frequently pops in for a little chat.

All of this stuff is relatively mild. There’s much more offensive stuff on other shows. But somehow, this is the show that pisses them off.

I suspect one of their problems is that the lead character is a minister. So the fundies are trying to tell us that religious people don’t have everyday problems? No religious person has ever had a drug problem? No religious people are gay? No religious person has ever stolen any amount of money at any time?


Or maybe they’re galled that Jesus materializes out of the ether like some sort of Casper the Holy Ghost? Do they forget that our very own Shrub-in-Chief thinks that he regularly converses with God?

Maybe fundies are like fast food restaurants (i.e., they’re everywhere, and what they’re selling is bad for you!). No, seriously, have you noticed that the big fast food chains always have a promotion going on? Usually it’s a movie tie-in or something. Look at the timing of this protest. The fundie “Christmas is under attack!” promotion had just ended, so they needed to hang up new victim decorations in order to get you to buy their hot, steaming plates of crap.

2 Responses to “The Book of Denial”

  1. ericsan Says:

    I wouldn’t have bothered watching this show if it weren’t for all the waves these morons have created around it. As it turns out, it’s very well put together, well acted and funny. If it weren’t for the fundies’ relentless whining I would have missed out on it, instead it’s now a season pass on my TiVo (which I think helps the ratings!)

    I wonder why they’re fixating on this show. I mean, I despised “touched by an angel” but never wrote to the network to complain about it, or wrote to my satellite provider to ask them not to carry religious programming because they go against my personal beliefs. I just don’t watch them. Why can’t they do the same?

  2. Michael Says:

    Welcome back to action, Ron!

    As someone who has seen the few episodes this show will be allowed to air I can say that a decent show is being canned for all the wrong reasons and in response to the mob. It sets a bad precedent. The show never had a chance to gain numbers, so ratings as a reason for yanking it is ludicrous.

    The zealots and their mobs managed to apple enough pressure to kill a decent series. Was it a Battlestar Galactica or other prime Friday show? Nope, but it was good and actually managed to portray some folks as all too human. Including their savior.

    We had a cast that was all too human and dealt with issues that the religious wrong found too distasteful. An elderly black woman who’d had a child out of wedlock and now was using medical marijuana for diabetic myopathy. Internet piracy, gay kids, drugs, sex and a huge chunk of life.
    While this show would by no means be one that I classed as a favourite it was enjoyable. Its destruction by the mobs will embolden them to further wreak havok in the name of righteousness. What television, radio and books will follow now that they have been allowed a victory?