The Critics Rave!

A lot of other blogs have vanity pages where they list all of the awards they’ve won. I’ve been rather lax in tracking that sort of thing. Here you’ll find some of the love (and hate) I remember getting.

Recommended by the Anglican Diocese of Montreal

Even the churches endorse BoF!

On page 6 of the November 2007 issue of the Montreal Anglican (1.7 MB PDF), Bay of Fundie is one of the recommended weblinks, alongside such luminaries as Mr. Diety, The Onion, Landover Baptist Church, and Stephen Colbert. They write:

Taking aim at those Christians who reject modern science in favor of taking the bible way too literally.

“Praise” from the Poor-Man’s Discovery Institute

They don't access and research

Discovery Institute wannabes Access Research Network proclaim:

The Bay of Fundie blog, no friend of ARN

This whole kerfuffle is actually discussed in more depth here.

The Liberal Blogosphere Takes Notice

This site has been mentioned in both Crooks and Liars and Sadly, No!

An Arbiter of the Language

My writing is so sterling that it’s actually used as example text for word usage at Wordnik (even if I am just quoting someone else).

A Reference for Know Your Meme

The entry on Poe’s Law is used as a reference in Know Your Meme.

Oz Atheist’s Shaun the Thinker Award

Shaun the Thinker Award

the most thought provoking and funny.

This Site is Like a Jihad

High praise from Un:Enslaved:

I think Ron Britton may well be Bing McGhandi’s long-lost twin.

I Stole Some Virtuous Praise

Stealing Virtue writes:

This is a great site. It’s very sarcastic, always up on the latest events, and absolutely nails the fundamentalist “right” for what it is: a bunch of a backwards hate-mongers who really need to mind their own business.

At Least Somebody Gets the Joke

Chamale writes:

Bay of fundie? Seriously? That’s AWESOME!

But I Don’t Like Show Tunes!

Hello Universe, This Is Nessie writes:

Bay of Fundie has been around for a while, and I’ve linked before but I just enjoy this site for the lulz. It’s like the happy atheist brigade, merrily steamrolling its way through fundamental bullshit while blowing soap bubbles and singing show-tunes. Good times.

Praise from a Deep Thinker at StumbleUpon

She's as smart as a doll, too

ddoll (that’s her above) raves:

This is a hate site. Pure and simple. Why is it bothering this guy so much that Creationists believe what THEY want to believe and he can believe what HE wants to believe?… GET THE @#$% OVER IT ALREADY! Can’t believe this moron dedicates a whole site to mean-spirited slams against a certain group of people for their beliefs.

More to Come…

These are just some of the reactions from around the web that I happen to recall. I know I’ve forgotten a bunch. If you’ve seen some especially-noteworthy comments about the Bay of Fundie elsewhere, could you let me know about it via the contact form? Thanks!