Comment Policy

(subject to change as the need arises)

1. The number one rule is your comments have to be contributing to the conversation. This is admittedly vague, but the purpose of the comment feature is to allow readers to discuss issues raised in the posts. Comments that detract from that purpose make it hard for the others who want to have a discussion.

2. No spamming.

3. No gobs o’ links. The spam filter automatically holds for review any comment that contains more than one link. If you aren’t a spammer, I will probably approve your comment within 12 hours. However, you need more than a bunch of links to be considered contributing to the discussion.

4. Blantantly trollish comments may be deleted without warning. However, if your comment achieves great heights of moronitude, I may let it remain, for the bemusement of my readers.

5. If you make a factual statement (vs. an opinion) that contradicts common knowledge, back it up. If you are challenged on a statement (and I agree with the challenge), you will not be allowed to make new comments until you support the challenged claims.

6. No quote mining. Quoting something once is fine, but quoting many things or posting a series of comments with quotes does not add to the discussion. If you can’t use your own words, then you obviously have nothing to say.

7. No blocks of Bible quotes and nothing else. Posting random Bible quotes at atheist blogs is a popular fundie pastime. Do it elsewhere.