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The Bay of Fundie is dedicated to preserving the Constitutional separation of Church and State, which is under attack by extreme Christian fundamentalists. It features commentary on news and politics, and an in-depth analysis of the fundie agenda.

The Credo

The Bay of Fundie believes in reality. Everybody must, because that is where we live. Wishing for an alternative reality won’t make it so. If you want to layer on top of reality a crazy story of talking snakes and poison apples and angry people in the sky, go right ahead. Just don’t force your silly fantasies onto anyone else.

The Author

This site is written by Ron Britton, who unapologetically believes in civil liberties, rationalism, and tolerance for those who are tolerant.

He has no patience for lies, hypocrisy, incompetence, stupidity, self-inflicted ignorance, self-appointed dictators of public morals, superstition, or imaginary sky people.


Bay of Fundie Colophon
Mathematicians often refer to the square root symbol as a “radical.” The cross under the square root, therefore, symbolizes radical Christianity. Orange is a danger color; use caution!

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